NP-FV50 NP-FV70 NP-FV100 Battery for Sony FDR-AX33 AX53 AX100e HDR-PJ810 PJ530e PJ330e PJ260 HDR-CX625 CX190 CX220 CX250 CX280 650mAh Digital Camera Battery Replacement Spare Battery Backup Power Pack

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Article Number:
(35) (more info)
Cell Technology:
Lithium Ion
7.2V - 7.4V

Compatibility list

CELLONIC® compatible Sony NP-FV50 camcorder battery for Sony HDR CX220 battery or Sony AX53 battery, spare or backup battery.

High-quality, fast-charging 7.2V - 7.4V, 650mAh Sony camcorder battery designed specifically as a replacement Sony DCR-PJ5, Sony DEV, Sony FDR, Sony HDR and Sony NEX video camera battery.

Replacement battery for Sony Handycam camcorders with extended battery life for long time shooting, this is a perfect replacement for NP-FV50, NP-FV70 and NP-FV100 power packs, lasting for up to 500+ charge cycles.

High-capacity, long battery life – 650mAh for premium quality and performance with an increased lifespan.
Long service life at full power – battery uses Lithium cells without memory effect, retaining charge without power fluctuations.
Reliable performance – fewer charging breaks and less time spent waiting for your camera batteries to charge.
Certified safety and quality – CE & ROHS certified, Grade A battery with short-circuit, overheating and overvoltage protection.
Thorough, comprehensive testing – each battery cell is tested to ensure all safety requirements are met and that it holds and maintains the correct capacity - all before installation.

Camera Accu Pack Specifications:
: 650mAh
Voltage: 7.2V - 7.4V
Cell Technology: Lithium Ion
Dimensions: 45,1 x 31,9 x 24,8mm

3-Year Guarantee
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Replaces the following products

Sony NP-FV100
Sony NP-FV30
Sony NP-FV50
Sony NP-FV70
Sony NP-FV90

Fits the following devices

Sony DCR-PJ5
Sony DCR-SR15
Sony DCR-SR20
Sony DCR-SR21
Sony DCR-SR58
Sony DCR-SR68
Sony DCR-SR73
Sony DCR-SR78
Sony DCR-SR83
Sony DCR-SR88
Sony DCR-SX15
Sony DCR-SX20
Sony DCR-SX21
Sony DCR-SX22
Sony DCR-SX33
Sony DCR-SX34
Sony DCR-SX43
Sony DCR-SX44
Sony DCR-SX45
Sony DCR-SX53
Sony DCR-SX63
Sony DCR-SX65
Sony DCR-SX73
Sony DCR-SX85
Sony DEV-3
Sony DEV-30
Sony DEV-5
Sony DEV-50
Sony DEV-50V
Sony FDR-AX100
Sony FDR-AX100E
Sony FDR-AX33
Sony FDR-AX700 4K Camcorder
Sony FDR-AXP33
Sony HDR-CX110
Sony HDR-CX115
Sony HDR-CX116
Sony HDR-CX130
Sony HDR-CX150
Sony HDR-CX155
Sony HDR-CX160
Sony HDR-CX180
Sony HDR-CX190
Sony HDR-CX200
Sony HDR-CX210
Sony HDR-CX220
Sony HDR-CX230
Sony HDR-CX250
Sony HDR-CX260
Sony HDR-CX270
Sony HDR-CX280
Sony HDR-CX290
Sony HDR-CX300
Sony HDR-CX305
Sony HDR-CX320
Sony HDR-CX330
Sony HDR-CX330E
Sony HDR-CX350
Sony HDR-CX360
Sony HDR-CX370
Sony HDR-CX380
Sony HDR-CX390
Sony HDR-CX400
Sony HDR-CX410
Sony HDR-CX430
Sony HDR-CX510
Sony HDR-CX540
Sony HDR-CX550
Sony HDR-CX560
Sony HDR-CX570
Sony HDR-CX580
Sony HDR-CX610E
Sony HDR-CX625
Sony HDR-CX690
Sony HDR-CX700
Sony HDR-CX730
Sony HDR-CX740
Sony HDR-CX900
Sony HDR-CX900E
Sony HDR-PJ10
Sony HDR-PJ200
Sony HDR-PJ220
Sony HDR-PJ230
Sony HDR-PJ260
Sony HDR-PJ30
Sony HDR-PJ320
Sony HDR-PJ330E
Sony HDR-PJ340
Sony HDR-PJ340E
Sony HDR-PJ350E
Sony HDR-PJ380
Sony HDR-PJ390
Sony HDR-PJ420
Sony HDR-PJ430
Sony HDR-PJ50
Sony HDR-PJ510
Sony HDR-PJ530E
Sony HDR-PJ540
Sony HDR-PJ540E
Sony HDR-PJ580
Sony HDR-PJ600
Sony HDR-PJ610E
Sony HDR-PJ620
Sony HDR-PJ650
Sony HDR-PJ740
Sony HDR-PJ780
Sony HDR-PJ790
Sony HDR-PJ810
Sony HDR-PJ810E
Sony HDR-PJ820
Sony HDR-PJ820E
Sony HDR-TD10
Sony HDR-TD20
Sony HDR-TD30
Sony HDR-XR150
Sony HDR-XR155
Sony HDR-XR160
Sony HDR-XR260
Sony HDR-XR350
Sony HDR-XR550
Sony NEX-VG10
Sony NEX-VG20
Sony NEX-VG30
Sony NEX-VG900
Sony PXW-X70

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