subtel® Mini USB Phone Charger for O2 XDA Terra / XDA Nova / XDA Stealth / XDA Graphite / XDA Star / XDA Diamond Smartphone Charging Cable and Plug UK Adapter 1.1m Lead

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Fast charging subtel® replacement phone battery charger and plug compatible with phones - a charger and UK mains power adapter for your smart phone.

Keep your mobile phone fully charged with this fast, safe and efficient replacement charger and power supply from subtel®.

A 5V smartphone charger with Mini USB plug socket connector, this new phone charger has been specifically designed for use as a replacement charger for phones, with 100% compatibility as a battery charger / power cable .

Modern charging lead and smartphone adapter:
✔ High-speed, fast charging for your mobile phone
✔ Gentle, state-of-the-art charging technology ensures longer smartphone battery life
✔ Guaranteed safety: short-circuit, overheating and overvoltage protection
✔ Mini USB charger, suitable for all phones with this input socket
✔ Break- and kink-proof 1.1m power lead
✔ Compact, ergonomic portable charger with wall plug - ideal for travelling

Phone battery charger specifications:
Input: 100V - 250V
Connector 1: Mini USB
Output Voltage Volt: 5V
Amperage / Output (ampere): 1A / 1000mA
Power Watts: 5W
Cable length: 1.1m

3 Year Manufacturer Guarantee
subtel® power adapters stand for high-quality and certified standards – that’s why they come with a 36-month guarantee!

Fits the following devices

O2 XDA Argon / XDA Atmos / XDA Atom / XDA Atom Exec / XDA Atom Life / XDA Atom Pure / XDA Cosmo / XDA Denim / XDA Diamond / XDA Diamond 2 / XDA Diamond Pro / XDA Exec / XDA Flame / XDA Flint / XDA Graphite / XDA Guide / XDA Ignito / XDA II mini / XDA II mini black / XDA IQ / XDA Mantle / XDA mini / XDA mini Pro / XDA mini S / XDA Neo / XDA Nova / XDA Orbit / XDA Orion / XDA Phone / XDA Serra / XDA sp / XDA Star / XDA Stealth / XDA Stellar / XDA Terra / XDA Trion / XDA Zest / XDA Zinc / XPhone / XPhone II / XPhone IIM

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