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subtel® - UK laptop battery specialists since 2004

subtel® has been a trusted specialist for all types of batteries across Europe and the UK since 2004, offering the best, highest quality rechargeable, replacement laptop batteries, notebook replacement batteries and battery replacement kits for a huge variety of models and brands - for high-quality, high-capacity, long-life and reliable new batteries for laptops at affordable prices that are as good or better as your original laptop battery.

If your original laptop battery pack is no longer holding its charge, or you’re looking for a modern, high-capacity battery upgrade, subtel® has the perfect, 100% compatible laptop battery replacement for you.

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A huge selection of replacement laptop batteries

subtel® sells a large selection of universal replacement batteries for laptops and notebooks, laptop battery banks and laptop battery cells - high performance, compatible replacement batteries for all leading notebook types, brands and models.

These include replacement Samsung batteries, including Macbook batteries, replacement Macbook Pro batteries, Macbook Air battery replacements, HP laptop battery replacements including HP Pavilion battery replacements, Dell laptop batteries including Dell Inspiron batteries, Lenovo battery replacements, Acer Aspire batteries and many, many more. 

Many of our laptop battery packs come with a laptop tool box included, containing all of the tools you’ll need to replace the laptop battery yourself.

Replace your battery, not your laptop

Is your original laptop battery faulty, broken or won’t hold its charge? Don’t throw away the whole device - simply replace its battery. 

By exchanging your laptop’s battery pack instead of buying a new one, you’ll save money over the long-term whilst also helping to reduce your environmental footprint. It’s easy to do, reduces waste and lets you give your favourite laptop or notebook a second life - good as new for years to come. 

The modern replacement laptop batteries from subtel®’s brand, CELLONIC®, can also be higher-capacity, more powerful and with a longer lifespan than even the original batteries that came with your laptop - for reliable power and fewer charging breaks.  

It’s often very simple to replace the battery of your laptop yourself - all you need is a compatible replacement battery pack, a few good tools and an online tutorial or YouTube video.

Certified safety and proven quality

Our replacement batteries for laptops use the highest-quality cells: UL/CE-/FCC-/RoHS certified, Grade A battery cells that meet or exceed OEM specifications for safety and performance, with short-circuit, overheating and overvoltage protection - that have been tested and certified for optimum capacity, reliability and safety, all before installation.

3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Our high-performance laptop batteries stand for certified safety and high-quality standards. Because of this, we offer a 36-month guarantee on all of our batteries. 

How do you know when a laptop battery needs replacing?

Over time and with use, laptop batteries degrade - and the amount of time in between charges will decrease. 

Most laptops use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and these battery types do wear out over time. But, how do you know your notebook battery needs replacing?

If your laptop’s battery life has become substantially shorter when it’s not plugged in, or your laptop unexpectedly turns off due to lack of battery power (even if it displayed that it had enough battery charge to remain online right before it turned itself off), and you need to have your laptop constantly plugged into the mains and charging for it to work, there’s a good chance that you’ll need a new battery for your laptop.

Failing to charge can also be a symptom of a laptop battery wearing out. But, we recommend you test out another, compatible laptop charging cable before buying a new battery to ensure that the problem doesn’t lie with the charging cable you’re using. 

Sounds of strain from the laptop itself, including the fan working overtime and causing the laptop to overheat as it tries to compensate for a failing battery, can also be indicators. 

Your laptop’s operating system might even alert you to the fact that it’s noticed problems with the battery. 

How do you change a laptop battery?

Whilst DIY laptop battery replacement is entirely possible - and will save you money over replacing the device completely, the process for replacing laptop batteries greatly differs between brands and models. 

For example, how to replace a Macbook Pro battery will have a different process to installing a new Lenovo Thinkpad battery. Not just that - the different generations of laptops will also have different procedures.   

Many laptops have removable batteries. For these laptop types, changing the battery is as simple as switching your laptop off, disconnecting it from the mains, flipping it over, squeezing two security clips together, removing the battery, replacing it with a new one and charging it. 

Although, many modern laptop brands are using internal batteries, which makes the process of replacing a battery a little more tricky (but still very possible). 

A basic guide to replacing an internal laptop battery

Different laptop brands have many different methods to stop you from getting inside - and, once inside, very different internal configurations. Because of this, this rough guide will not be perfectly suited to every laptop or notebook type but will give you a flavour of the process. 

  1. Firstly, make sure your laptop is fully switched off and disconnected from the mains. 

  2. With a small screwdriver (you’ll need to find a screwdriver that’s compatible with your device’s screws. Macbooks, for example, use pentalobe screws), unscrew all of the screws holding the back of your laptop together. Collect these tiny screws somewhere safe - you’ll need them later.

  3. Gently remove the back panel off your laptop and open it up. You might need to use a prying tool to free it. Put the back panel to one side. 

  4. After locating the battery, use a prying tool to loosen, disconnect and unplug the cables attaching the battery to the laptop. Remember where they went - you’ll have to reattach the new, replacement battery into the correct sockets. 

  5. Look for screws holding the battery in place and remove them. In some cases, these small screws are concealed under stickers or flaps. 

  6. Use a prying tool underneath the battery to dislodge it from its case and gently remove it. If it’s held in by an adhesive tape, work the pry tool underneath it until it becomes free. Have patience and avoid exerting too much pressure.

  7. When fitting the new battery, simply repeat this process in reverse: place the new battery in place, replace the adhesive strips, reattach the cables, replace the screws, reattach the back of the laptop.

  8. Turn your laptop on - does it work? If so, now you can fully charge it.   

Of course, if you are still unsure of how to change your laptop’s battery, we recommend that you find a guide or YouTube tutorial for your specific model. 

What tools do you need to replace a laptop battery?

Changing the battery of a laptop is definitely something you can do at home, without needing any professional laptop repair experience. 

And, if your laptop battery has stopped working or quickly runs out of charge, you should do it - it’s definitely cheaper and more sustainable than buying a brand new laptop. 

But, what tools would you need to do it?

Laptop tool boxes come with an array of different tools to make opening up a laptop and laptop repair simple. Common tools you’ll find are:

  1. Mini screwdrivers. Different laptops use different screws, and a tool set for laptops will often contain a handful of mini screwdrivers - generally Torx screwdrivers and tri-wing screwdrivers for pentalobe screws.

  1. Anti-static tweezers to help you to remove and collect the tiny screws and other small components while protecting the delicate circuits and electronics within your laptop.

  1. Spudgers and pry tools. Spudgers and pry tools come in numerous shapes and sizes, but their main purpose is to help you get access to the tight spaces between laptop components, using gentle leverage to loosen and remove components such as batteries without damaging or scratching the laptop. 

  1.  Adhesive tape or plaster to fix the new battery in place. 

Many of the laptop batteries we sell at subtel® come with a laptop tool kit included - featuring all of the tools you need to easily, safely and successfully change the battery in your laptop. 

How can you extend the life of your laptop battery?

There are many software tricks for extending the battery life of your laptop whilst using it. These include:

  • Activating any battery saver mode your operating system might have

  • Lowering screen brightness to conserve energy

  • Disabling WiFi and Bluetooth when you’re not using them

  • Closing any energy-intensive apps or programs running in the background

  • Disconnecting any unused peripherals or devices

But, how do you actually prolong the life of your laptop battery? 

Most laptop batteries use Lithium Ion batteries. This means that by adopting a charging routine that maximises performance and lifespan of Li batteries, you can ensure your laptop battery will have a longer life. 

The name of the game here is to not let your laptop fully charge and discharge - e.g. going from 100% battery to 0% battery. Lithium Ion batteries perform at their best when they’re kept between 30-40% and 80% charge. A rule of thumb would be to never let your battery charge run below 20%. 

Charging your laptop when it gets down to 30% battery and then unplugging it when it reaches 80% might sound like a hassle, but it will mean that overall, your laptop battery will hold its charge for longer over the long time. 

But keeping this routine going means that you should not have your laptop plugged in all the time and you should not leave it charging overnight.

If your laptop has a removable battery and you plan to use it for many hours (e.g. whilst sitting at a desk), simply remove the laptop battery and run the laptop using the AC adapter only. This will prevent overcharging 

Temperature is important

Lithium Ion batteries, like those used in your laptop, tablet and smartphone, are very sensitive to temperature extremes and fluctuations. 

To avoid temperatures having a negative effect on the long-term performance and capacity of your laptop battery, avoid leaving your laptop in direct sunlight (or on a window sill) and keep it away from sources of heat. 

Temperature changes may also occur inside the laptop, especially if the internal fan is clogged up with dust. To remedy this, clean the vents and fan of your laptop regularly. 

You may also consider purchasing a laptop cooling pad or pay attention to the surface you’re resting your laptop on to ensure the vents are not obstructed.      

Another option would be to simply upgrade the capacity of your laptop’s battery. You could do this by buying a new laptop battery which has a higher capacity than your existing battery. 

The capacity of a battery is measured in mAh (milliamp hours) and the higher the mAh figure, the larger the capacity of the battery (meaning longer breaks in between charges). 

Replacement batteries for laptops that have a higher mAh than the battery that originally came with your laptop are available (especially if your laptop is older and technology has since advanced) and subtel® sells a wide range of higher capacity, 100% compatible replacement batteries for laptops. 

Reliable power when you need it    

When looking for a replacement laptop battery, choose a brand you can trust. 

subtel®’s CELLONIC® brand of designed-in-Germany battery cells use the best materials and technology to create high-end, heavy-duty, high-capacity, reliable and long-life batteries for all device types.

All laptop and notebook batteries ordered from subtel® are shipped within the UK from the day your purchase is made and come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. If for whatever reason you’re unsatisfied with the quality of our batteries, you can return them within 30 days.