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subtel® - UK phone charger specialists since 2004

subtel® has been a trusted specialist for all types of power adapters, AC adapters, mains chargers and USB power cables across Europe and the UK since 2004, offering the best quality, reliable, durable and high-speed charging leads with UK plug adapters cables for a huge variety of devices.

If your original mobile phone charger or charging cable is lost or broken, or you’re looking for a high speed and Fast Charging spare or replacement, subtel® will have the right, compatible replacement smartphone charger for you. Our power supplies use only high-quality materials and tough, expert build quality for long-term, safe and reliable use.

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A huge selection of phone charger cables and adapters

subtel®’s range of phone battery chargers with UK plug socket connectors includes smartphone charger cables and adapters, phone Fast Chargers, QI chargers, wireless chargers & wireless charging pads for all leading phone types, brands and models.

These include replacement Android chargers and Apple chargers - Samsung Galaxy chargers including Samsung s10 chargers, s20 chargers and more, iPhone chargers, Huawei chargers, chargers for Sony Xperia, Motorola, Nokia, Xiaomi, BlackBerry, Google and many, many more.

Certified safety and proven quality

All subtel® new phone chargers are thoroughly tested for quality and are in complete compliance with all European and International safety standards - featuring automatic shutdown safeguards and protection against short-circuits, overheating and overvoltage.

High-speed, fast charging and reliable, our UK smartphone adapters and cables are made using the highest-quality materials and feature long, flexible break- and kink-proof power cords.

3-year manufacturer’s warranty

Our high speed, fast charging AC adapters and charging stations are top quality and built to last - durable, strong and tough replacement or spare USB lead charging wires with tangle- and kink-free charger cords and tight-fitting connector plugs for reliable, long-term use.

Because of this, we offer a 36-month guarantee on all of our phone power adapters.

What’s the best phone charger for my phone?

If you are looking for a new phone charger or simply need a replacement smartphone charger, the first thing to do is to identify which type of charging cable your phone requires. You can do this by looking at your old charger or the user manual which came with your phone.

To ensure a new charger is 100% compatible with your mobile, check the compatibilities list found on the individual charger product pages in our webshop - there you’ll find detailed information on the brand and model types our replacement phone charger cables have been specifically designed to work with.

The second point is a question of quality. Cheaper replacement chargers are prone to breaking - whether that’s through low-quality materials and poor workmanship.

We’ve all had cheaper cables that damage easily through over-bending or insufficient support and protection between where the cable meets the power connector which causes the two to separate.

Cheaper cables and adapters may also simply charge your device at a slower rate as higher-quality ones.

subtel® sells a wide variety of high-quality Fast Charger cables for many brands and models of smartphones - with flexible break- and kink-proof power cords for reliable, long-term performance.

What are the different types of phone charger cables?

There are many different types of phone charger cables with a wide range of plugs and connectors.

With many older mobile phone models, each individual phone type might have a unique charger - with a connector type which is not compatible with other brands or models. These usually consist of a power connector attached directly to a mains-powered wall charger via a cable.

More modern smartphone chargers use a more standardised USB charger and adapter. A USB charger usually consists of a USB power adapter and a detachable USB cable.

Here is a list of the most common types of USB connectors:

Micro USB - the standard small, thin USB connector that acts as a charger cable for most on-the-go electronic devices. This is generally still used by older or non-flagship mobile phones and smartphones.

Lightning - a connector designed by Apple in 2012, and one which works exclusively with Apple products. Lightning cables function as both charging and data cables, although their use is being phased out in response to the introduction of the USB-C.

USB Type-C - slim with rounded corners, this is the most current USB phone charger type and offers Fast Charging and higher data transfer speeds. It is even currently used to power laptops such as MacBooks.

What is a phone Wireless Charger?

Wireless chargers (or induction chargers) allow you to charge any QI-enabled smartphone device without the need for a cable.

Often coming in the form of a stand or a pad, all you have to do is to place your smartphone onto the wireless charger and it will automatically begin to charge through a process called induction charging.

A benefit of Wireless Charging is its convenience - you simply lay your device onto the wireless charging dock and it charges. Not having to use wires reduces wear-and-tear on the charging port on your smartphone as well as the need to replace lost or faulty cables.

What is a phone Fast Charger?

You might have heard about Fast Charging cables - ones that can charge your smartphone 2-4 times faster than before. Well, what are they and how do they work?

If you’re interested in purchasing a fast charger for your smartphone, laptop, tablet or other device, it’s best to first check that your device is Fast Charger capable. Most modern devices are, and if your device charges with a USB-C cable or Apple Lightning-to-USB-C cable, yours probably is.

Cables for Fast Charging work because the wires inside them are larger, thus can carry larger currents. Standard cables are 28 gauge and are capable of a charge rate of around 0.5A, whereas cables with a larger gauge (thicker wires inside) can carry larger currents of 2A+. Thus, your device is charged quicker.

Because of the extra materials needed to make Fast Charge cables, they’re also often more expensive than their slower counterparts - but the increased performance negates the extra cost.

subtel® sells a wide variety of Fast Charger cables for mobile phones, laptops, tablets and a wide variety of other devices - high quality for reliable, long-term performance.

Reliable power when you need it

Whether you’re looking for a replacement or spare phone power adapter and charging cable, mains adapter, high-speed USB power cable and charging lead, subtel® stocks a huge range of cables, adapters and connector types, all using the highest-quality components and for reasonable prices.

All power supplies are shipped within the UK from the day your purchase is made and come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

If for whatever reason you’re unsatisfied with the quality of our AC adapters, you can return them within 30 days.